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          Govt, NGOs, auto sector join hands to tackle pollution

          Organizations in China have come together to help reduce the country's air pollution by effectively implementing emission control policies for trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

          Change for the better in polluted Hebei

          North China's most polluted province Hebei claims to have abandoned obsession with mere growth, and to be focused on quality, technology upgrades and clean industry.


          Beijing shuts two more coal-fired power plants

          Green development index released in Beijing

          Science park leading the way to cleaner water

          Foreign investors to trade carbon permits in Shenzhen

          China will allow foreigners to trade carbon permits in Shenzhen, making it the nation's first emissions exchange to welcome outside investors.

          Nuclear power plant projects to be initiated in Liaoning

          Two nuclear power plant projects will be initiated in Northeast China's Liaoning province to optimize the energy structure in the northeastern area.


          Li stresses fight against pollution

          Govt urged to introduce soil pollution control act

          Advisors call for pollution figures

          Boomtime ahead for solar power firms

          The distributed solar generation industry is getting a big boost in China, where a new solar policy is expected to be announced later this month.

          Chinese solar company launches plant in S. Africa

          Chinese company JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd on Tuesday officially opened a solar PV module production facility in Cape Town.


          Credit system expected to improve companies' fight against pollution

          Huaneng to spend $1.6b to reduce emissions

          Clean energy plans to aid biomass companies

          Smog becoming key test for Chinese officials

          Smog has blanketed the Chinese capital for at least a week and the Great Hall of the People, where lawmakers will meet next week for the country's parliamentary session, is hardly visible.

          Lung cancer cases linked to air quality

          A type of lung cancer reported to be increasing in Beijing has been linked to worsening air quality, with an expert warning that the potential health impact could be much greater than the SARS epidemic in 2003.


          Urban visionary with green growth plans

          Smog shrouds Beijing again

          Eco-island points the way for green building

          Chinese wind energy equipment to enter Swedish market

          Wind turbines produced by China's Dongfang Electric Corp Ltd will soon be used in a wind power plant in Sweden, the company authorities said Friday.


          University unveils new air purifier technology

          Chinese researchers have developed a new technology to clean up indoor air pollution that avoids secondary pollution that existing air purification products in the market can create if used improperly.


          Mobile Device runs on solar and kinetic power

          The Infinite Mobile Device by Taiwan design student Tony Deng presents a more sustainable cell phone charging system.

          China, US launch new partnership programs to tackle environmental issues

          China and the United States on Tuesday announced six new partnership programs to tackle challenges in environmental protection, clean energy, and climate change.


          China, Japan and ROK hold air pollution summit

          China, Japan and the Republic of Korea will hold a summit to tackle air pollution and promote green industries in Langfang, Hebei province, from Dec 14 to 15.